Product Features

This GPS is stacked with great features including fleet tracking, breadcrumb trail, driver speed control, geo-fencing, dispatching and control & monitoring.
Fleet Tracking

Pronto GPS allows for the real-time monitoring of your entire fleet via a simple map interface.Visualize your entire fleet, or select an individual driver to follow. Get instant information on vehicle status, vehicle speed,driver info and more. Create on-the-fly Geo-fences for emergency scenarios!

Breadcrumb Trail

With this simple visualization tool, your entire fleet can be tracked cleanly and easily, with just the click of a button.Pronto GPS boasts the ability to overlay Geo-fences on top of the Breadcrumb Trail, so you can verify a vehicle’s location and route.

Driver Speed Control

Easily set limits and receive alerts! When a vehicle goes over a predetermined speed, get an alert sent instantly to your phone or e-mail! Never worry about having a comprehensive summary of driver behavior again - our technology will take you there.


Landmarks and Geo-fences make organizing and-optimizing your routes simple as ever. Use the Geo-fence tool to chart out areas you want automated alerts for, and automatically receive updates if you choose to. Otherwise, the information is sent to a table for easy viewing and comprehension. Take advantage of this software to fine-tune your routes and driver performance.


Instantly create jobs and automatically assign them to your drivers. Automatically create a new job request and see your closest drivers and their current tasks; use the immediate flexibility to satisfy on-the-fly customer requests for a huge boost in productivity.Instantly notify drivers of new jobs with a text, further streamlining an already seamless process.

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Safely and securely monitor and assist your drivers using our robust tracking technology. Never allow problems to go unknown again with our flexibly designed GPS software.With Pronto GPS, you can easily make use of one, several, or all of the services offered to streamline your fleet’s operating costs, allowing for more effective management of overtime, shipping costs, and more.
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